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All Type tyres &Tires Supply From HUAEN. - Huaen Industrial Co.,Limited
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All Type tyres &Tires Supply From HUAEN

From:huaentires    Published:2014/4/2 11:45:09

All Type Tyres &Tires Supply From HUAEN

1. Motorcycle Tires

HUAEN offer many size bias design motorcycle tires, including scooter tyre, street tyre, off road tyres, tricycle tires, tubeless and tube type (TT/TL) with different quality grade.

2. Truck Tires

All steel radial tire design tubeless and tube type tires for light trucks, heavy duty truck and other commercial vehicles. 

3. Off-The-Road (OTR) Tires 

Mainly applicated for forklift/skid steer/tractor/earthmover/loader and other type construction vehicles.

4. Agricultural Tires

Many patterns are available, such as R-1, R-2, R-3, F-2, F-3, I-1.

5. Rubber products 

Inner tubes and flaps, both are natural rubber and butyl rubber.

Any needs for tires, feel free to contact HUAEN!

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